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About Sun Zone Solar System India Pvt. Ltd.

The sun emits energy for the benifit of mankind from times immemorable. But the man's inexperience and the abundance of conventional energies never made him feel that the all sources of conventional energies would lost for about the coming 100 years. This threat gave various thoughts about the making availability of energies that could be non conventional.Among other types of non conventional energies the SOLAR ENERGY is the most pivotal. The thought about the non conventional energies was the brain child of economically and technically advanced countries like Germany,America, England, etc. where even this energy is at scarce and these countries regally using the conventional energies are creating pollution of all types damaging the atmosphere besides exhausting the major sources of energy. These cold countries get much less of SUN's energy compared to the tropical / temperate zones. So their advanced thinking of harnessing the solar energy by the tropical / temperate zones like, India, China ,etc. developed the solar industry to this level.

The man has wasted /unutilized the solar energy for all these years since its applications for heating and lighting purposes was not discovered till about two decades back . The stress, encouragement by these economically and technically advanced cold countries for harnessing the SUN's energy and transformation of technical know how and financial support in the shape of Carbon credit and other types have all lured the growth of solar industries in India to the present leve.

The development of solar industries in India dates back to about 20 years when it started on a professional basis. Gradually it became a competitive industries having its major concentration of about 60 % in Bangalore alone.

Sun Zone Solar System India Pvt. Ltd. did make a momentum of early start as back as the dawn of this millennium. Slowly and steadily lines won the hearts of those who believe quality for exchanging their hard earned money. Towards the end of the first decade of its inception the company had multiplied the turn over by 10 times besides leaving the impression of inter weaving quality in Sun Zone Solar System India Pvt. Ltd.


the Mission of Sun Zone Solar System India Pvt. Ltd. has been quality, culture and discipline. The precise mixture of these elements have resulted and reflected in the present path growth. these three elements look at the end user's requirements. The creativity concept to meet latest taste and preference of the end user crowns the mission. The Mission has a greate scope since the sun's is a abundant. Simply named as Sun Zone Solar System India Pvt. Ltd.but the products are for all zones. Accordingly Sun Zone Solar System India Pvt. Ltd. manufactures different types of systems like copper Tanks and Heat Exchangers for extreme hard waters, pressurized Systems like copper economy systems like Evacuated Tubes Collector etc. To cater the taste of one and all. This is transforming Sun's energy to bath rooms.